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Kid-Friendly Vegetable Garden Crops

Growing a vegetable garden is a fun and very satisfying activity to do with kids. It can even convince picky eaters to give veggies a try.


Grow from: seed

Radishes are colorful and crisp, and they grow really quickly. Several varieties take only 24 days from planting the seed to giving you a new crop to try. It may not be most children’s first choice in a snack, but having had the new pleasure of growing the crop themselves, they might give it a try.


Grow from: seed

Spinach is one of those crops that tastes more delicious when you grow it yourself. And the business of putting the seeds in the ground and covering each with a quarter-inch of soil is an absorbing way to develop dexterity.


Grow from: seed or starts.

With peas, germinate them indoors in pots before sowing them outside. When choosing peas, you have options to consider.

First, there’s the growth habit: You can choose bush plants, that grow unsupported to a certain height, and don’t require a lot of tending. Or you can choose climbing peas, which grow long vines that send out tendrils to grip netting or whatever structure you put up for them to climb. Climbing peas are more work, but you have the satisfaction of having a small seed turn into a really big plant.

Green Onions

Grow from: seed

They take about 75 days to grow, and they’re tasty. Plus, you can keep planting them throughout the summer, so you always have green onions on hand.


Grow from: bare root bundles or starts

There is nothing like the taste of a fresh, garden-grown strawberry. When choosing, you have to decide between everbearing plants, that give fruit throughout the summer, or June-bearing plants that give a big crop in June.

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