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Inspire the next generation of  Wildlife Conservationists!

Get ready to explore the world and discover its creatures with LolliWolliWorld® Super Conservation Kidz Jigsaw Puzzles. These fun and educational jigsaw puzzles feature a variety of interesting animals from around the globe. 


Wildlife conservationists are conservation scientists who focus their work specifically on the protection of wildlife. Areas of focus include: how humans affect wildlife; animals' impact on humans, such as pollinating or damaging crops; wildlife with declining populations, such as bees; or the negative impact of one animal species upon another.


Our collection of Super Conservation Kidz™ puzzles provides a hands-on experience to understand the alarming decline of these precious wildlife species in their natural habitat. It also allows you to discover their significant role in safeguarding Earth's precious resources. By encouraging meaningful conversations across all ages, these puzzles raise awareness about the state of our planet and its diverse wildlife.


As a helpful tool, each puzzle comes with a reference print to guide you while putting it together. So, let's embark on this entertaining and educational journey to protect and preserve our environment together!


Available in a toddler-friendly 30-piece pack, each puzzle comes with large pieces and rounded corners for safety and parental peace of mind. We stand behind our products and guarantee your satisfaction. Get a complimentary animal-themed insert full of fun facts with every puzzle you buy!


Screen-Free Time

Interact and Communicate Through Play

Shape Recognition

Wildlife Conservation Education

For Kids Ages 3+Box with puzzle design

Vibrant Colors

*To reduce their impact on our environment, the chipboard used in these puzzles is made of recycled material.

*Made In America


LolliWolliWorld® Little Super Conservation Kidz™ Jigsaw Puzzles

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