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Elephants are amazing!

Our LolliWolliWorld® Elephant World jigsaw puzzles are perfect for children ages 3 and up to complete on their own or with a little help. It’s just the right activity to challenge young children to learn more about Earth's gentle giants. Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures and have the largest brains of any land animal. They are herbivores,  highly social, intelligent, and demonstrate behaviors we humans recognize as compassion and kindness.



The finished jigsaw puzzle is the ideal boredom buster. Kids will love the puzzle’s distinct and colorful artwork, and you’ll feel good knowing that its storage box is an ideal place to keep pieces safe, together, and free from damage. Perfect for children's birthdays, family road trips, and as a gift!


Available in a toddler-friendly 30-piece pack, each puzzle comes with large pieces and rounded corners for safety and parental peace of mind. Get a complimentary animal-themed insert full of fun facts with every puzzle you buy!



Screen-Free Time

Interact and Communicate Through Play

Wildlife Recognition

 For Kids Ages 3+

 *Made In America


Elephant World Puzzle Collection

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