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Inspire the next generation of Botanists!
"When I grow up I'll be..." Every child has dreams about what they'd love to do when they grow up. Inspiring kids starts at home, and especially at an early age. Introduce your little ones to the fascinating world of Botany with our delightful collection of kids' jigsaw puzzles! Each puzzle is designed to ignite their curiosity about plants, fungi, and other fascinating organisms that Botanists study.


Watch as your child's problem-solving skills blossom while piecing together vibrant images of Giggli and Glori Panda in the laboratory studying plant seeds under the microscope. Our puzzles showcase vibrant illustrations that entertain and provide STEM education in a fun, interactive way for kids to learn about Botany. 🌱

With each puzzle, children can explore intriguing facts about the biology of plants, fungi, lichens, and algae. From the structure of leaves to the lifecycle of flowers, these puzzles help nurture a deeper understanding of the natural world. Plus, they'll discover the importance of protecting and preserving threatened plant species.


Join us on this educational adventure and spark your child's interest in botany with our engaging kids' jigsaw puzzles. Let their imaginations grow as they assemble the pieces and uncover the wonders of the plant kingdom! Get a complimentary animal-themed insert full of fun facts with every puzzle you buy!




Screen-Free Time


Each Puzzle comes with a Fruit and Vegetable Education Card

Interact and Communicate Through Play

Plant Recognition

Wildlife and Plant Science Education

 For Kids Ages 3-8

 *Made In America


LolliWolliWorld® Little Botanist Kidz™ Jigsaw Puzzles

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