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Wolli Herbivore Kidz Bowl 

Empower your kids and family to develop healthy eating habits for life with our LolliWolliWorld line of nutrition education plates and bowls. Your kids will love filling their plates with fruits, and veggies withWolli Herbivore Kidz™ Bowl. Our kids' plates and bowls contain colorful pictures that will teach them how to visually build healthy eating habits for life! LolliWolliWorld nutrition plates and bowls serve as a visual guide for the recommended foods to eat.


The brightly colored tableware features images of fruits, and vegetables, giving your child the opportunity to explore creative food combinations. Each plate also has a fun and whimsical design that will make mealtime enjoyable for your little one. Eating healthy can be an adventure with our nutrition education plates, and bowls.


Our plates and bowls encourage getting nutrients through whole food sources.
Promotes mealtime as an event to take place at the dinner table.
Supports healthy food choices, rather than fast food or snacks.
Using LolliWolliWorld nutrition plates, and bowls can help to increase the consumption of fruits and veggies in kids. Every child deserves to be healthy and happy!


100% U.S. Manufactured using U.S. Materials and Labor

Microwave, Dishwasher & Oven-Safe
Melamine, Formaldehyde, and BPA-free

Molded from a high-performance medical-grade polymer

Prop 65 Compliant


Wolli Herbivore Kidz Bowl

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  • Product Specifications
    8.5" Diameter, 1.75" Tall, 11.2 Ounces
    Microwave Safe
    Oven Safe (250° up to 1 hour)
    Dishwasher Safe
    FDA-Compliant for food contact
    100% Made in the USA
    Non-toxic water- based dyes
    Durable Finish


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