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How It All Began

Our Story

LolliWolliWorld® Children's Products is a family-owned company located in Renton, WA, originating in 2005. Our brand was inspired by a National Geographic documentary shedding light on the critical plight of African elephants due to the ivory trade. This inspiration drove the founders, Marsha, Tiffany, and Brandon, to launch a brand dedicated to raising awareness for elephants and other at-risk wildlife.

The first characters in our family of adorable animals are Lolli and Wolli. These two charming African Savanna elephants paved the path to creating our Fruityland® Island, a wildlife sanctuary where animals can live freely without the fear of poaching. Join Lolli, Wolli, and their adorable animal friends as they embark on thrilling adventures through an array of kids' nutrition education tableware, books, puzzles, games, plush toys, and so much more. Let's join forces in making learning about wildlife, and nutrition a fun and exciting journey for the family.

Our Purpose

Through play-based learning, LolliWolliWorld® Children's Products encourage purposeful change by raising awareness of wildlife conservation, and children's nutrition.

Founder~ Marsha D.


For over 15 years, we've committed to this purpose, and we are honored to be part of educating about wildlife and wild places around the world. Join LolliWolliWorld® Children's Products to explore how wildlife plays an important role in conserving Earth's' natural resources!  

Wooden Toy Train


Smiling Child


Kid Playing with Bubble


Wildlife's Role in Balancing The Ecosystem.

Here at Lolliwolliworld® Children's Products, we are truly amazed by the wonders of wildlife! We firmly believe that the perfect toys have the power to nurture a child's growth and ignite their curiosity about the incredible creatures we coexist with on this planet.

Every living thing is interconnected. If even one organism becomes endangered or extinct, it has a domino effect on the entire ecosystem. It disrupts the food chain and sends shock waves into the environment. The impact of poaching on African elephants is severe, with the African forest elephant listed as critically endangered and the savanna elephant as endangered.

Wild animals maintain balance in ecosystems. It is also important to know that threats to species rarely occur in isolation. Things that threaten bees, for example, also threaten other pollinators. For ecosystems to thrive, all wildlife must be protected. Poaching has led to significant declines in elephant populations, disrupted social structures, and increased stress levels among these majestic creatures.  


From majestic elephants to tiny insects, each creature has a role in sustaining our planet. Be it pollinating plants, dispersing seeds, or controlling populations of pests, wildlife actively contributes to the health and vitality of our ecosystems. 

Imagine a world without wildlife—where forests remain silent, meadows lose their colors, and rivers lack brilliance. Our lives would be impoverished without the remarkable beauty and diversity that wildlife brings. Lolliwolliworld's® approach to addressing these critical issues through our products is a commendable effort to make a positive difference in the world.


What We Offer

Welcome to Lolliwolliworld®, where you'll find a delightful selection of items for children aged 3-12. From charming children's books and soft plush toys to fun cartoons, entertaining games, engaging puzzles, and colorful dinnerware, we have all you need to inspire your child's imagination and foster their passion for wildlife. Our products feature vibrant hues and lively designs to bring joy and excitement to your little one's world!

At Lolliwolliworld®, we prioritize quality and safety. Before shipping out any goods, our professional QC staff diligently inspects each product. We take pride in offering durable and reliable products that meet and exceed all manufacturing standards, ensuring your child's enjoyment and safety.

Whether you're searching for plush toys, books, jigsaw puzzles, tableware, or wall decor, our Children's Play & Learn products are designed to deliver a fantastic experience. Trust in Lolliwolliworld® to provide the best products for your little ones.

The Importance Of Screen-Free Play

Here at LolliWolliWorld®, we truly believe in the power of educational toys to help kids grow and develop. We know that playtime is learning time, which is why we've curated a diverse range of engaging products to spark exploration and creativity! Research supports that play is essential for developing skills, sparking imagination, and satisfying kids' curiosity.


During play, kids stretch their imaginations. They create make-believe games or get lost in pretend worlds. Children act out different solutions while boosting their confidence.

Children can make rules and learn to follow or adapt them as needed. These are helpful skills for navigating life and developing relationships with others.

Screen-free play allows kids to enhance their creativity and develop their imagination while encouraging them to interact with and explore the world around them.


Children can practice self-regulation, and learn to share and resolve conflicts. During play, kids act out different solutions while boosting their confidence and social skills. Let's play and learn together! 🌟🚀

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