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Happy International Red Panda Day

Every year International Red Panda Day is celebrated with some special theme. The theme of International Red Panda Day 2022 is “to save the red pandas from extinction”.

Red Pandas are found in the region of Eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. Its weight is about 3 to 6.2 kg and its size is about the size of a house cat. Red Pandas have reddish-brown fur with black bellies and legs, white-lined ears, and a thick bushy tail with six yellowish-red rings their tails are about 11 to 19 inches which are used to climb trees and help them to keep warm in the cold region. The lifespan of a Red Panda is about 23 years. Red Pandas eat mostly Bamboo and other vegetation fruits. Because of their solitary nature, this species also faces the crisis of extinction.


Red Panda Eating Leaves

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