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Happy Wildlife Father's Day!

The Top Seven Best Dads Of The Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is filled with dads that put in the extra effort to look after their offspring and get them ready for everyday life. Whether that’s teaching them to hunt, keeping them warm, or even birthing their children themselves, here are seven of the best dads in the animal kingdom!

1. Emperor Penguin: The male emperor penguin is known for his incredible devotion to his offspring. After the female lays an egg, she transfers it to the male's feet, where he keeps it warm by balancing it on top of them. He will then go two months without eating while he waits for the chick to hatch.

2. Red Fox: Red fox fathers are dedicated to the well-being of their families. After the female gives birth, the male brings food to the den and helps teach the kits (red fox babies) how to survive in the wild.

3. Seahorse: In the seahorse world, it's the males who give birth. After mating, the female seahorse deposits her eggs into the male's brood pouch, where he fertilizes them and carries them until they hatch.

4. Gorilla: Gorilla fathers are fiercely protective of their young and play an active role in their upbringing. They teach the young gorillas important skills like foraging for food and navigating the jungle.

5. Wolf: Wolves are known for their strong family bonds, and the father plays a crucial role in maintaining them. The male wolf hunts for the family and helps raise the pups.

6: African Elephant: African elephant fathers are involved in raising their offspring, working alongside the mother to provide food and protection. They also play with the young calves, teaching them how to interact with other elephants.

7: Black Swan: Black swan fathers share parenting duties equally with the mother, taking turns incubating the eggs and protecting the cygnets. They also help the young swans learn to swim and forage for food.

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