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Happy World Gorilla Day!

What Are Mountain Gorillas?

Mountain gorillas are mammals. A mammal is an animal that has hair or fur, gives birth to live babies, and is warm-blooded. Mountain gorillas are very large, usually weighing between 300 and 485 pounds. That's almost as large as a piano! They are usually 4-6 feet tall, which is about the height of an adult human.

Where Do Mountain Gorillas Live?

Mountain gorillas get their name because they do live in the mountains. While there are various species of gorillas that live in Africa, the mountain gorillas all live in the Virunga mountain range in central Africa.

What Do Mountain Gorillas Eat?

Mountain gorillas do eat bananas, but they also eat insects and worms. Animals like mountain gorillas that eat both plants and animals are called omnivores. Mountain gorillas have started to have trouble finding food because people have chopped down their forests to turn the area into farmland and houses.

How Do Mountain Gorillas Grow?

Because they are mammals, mountain gorillas are born live to their mothers one baby at a time. Babies are about 3-4 pounds. They learn to crawl when they are about 2 months old and walk by the time they are 8-9 months old.

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