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Magical Lolli and Wolli

Play. Imagine. And Explore The World of Wildlife!

LolliWolliWorld® Children's Products is a brand that combines the joy of play with educational value. We offer a variety of children's products that aim to foster development, encourage exploration, and instill an appreciation for wildlife, particularly through educating about the impact of poaching on African elephants. Our mission extends to promoting children's nutrition by providing educational plush toys, jigsaw puzzles, picture books, and tableware that make healthy eating fun and adventurous.

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LolliWolliWorld® Children's Products promotes meaningful transformations by fostering awareness about wildlife conservation and children's nutrition through the power of play-based learning.


During playtime, children expand their imagination by engaging in make-believe games and immersing themselves in pretend worlds. They creatively explore various scenarios, actively solving problems and gaining a stronger sense of self-assurance.


Screen-free play is a wonderful way for children to boost their creativity and explore the world around them. It's also a chance for them to connect with their environment and discover exciting new things!

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Mother and Daughter Spring Fields

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