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Daintree Animal Crafts for Kids

Updated: May 17, 2020

Fun Green Tree Frog Facts!

Green tree frogs are one of the most common frog species in Australia and are distributed throughout the northern half of the country

They are usually a beautiful bright green, but depending on their mood can fade to a dark khaki green

A female green tree frog can reach 12cm in length – that’s big for a frog!

If taken by a predator, these frogs produce a loud high-pitched scream which may surprise the predator into dropping it

Their favorite foods are insects and small mammals

Their skin excretes a variety of anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that have been useful in modern medicine

Whilst they are native to Australia and New Guinea, these frogs have also been introduced to some countries. In Florida, they are considered an invasive nuisance!

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