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It's National Tree Kangaroo Month in Fruityland!

It's National Tree Kangaroo Month in Fruityland!

Tree kangaroos are probably the only kangaroos that live in trees. Like other kangaroos, tree kangaroos are also found in Australia.

Tree kangaroos eat fruits, tree bark, flour, grains, and sap! YUMMY!

Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo is the smallest of the tree kangaroos. It grows only 48 – 65 cm in length. Adult kangaroos weigh 13 – 16 pounds.

The population of tree kangaroos is threatened because of massive deforestation. Without forests, the tree kangaroos can barely survive.

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How cute. This is my first time hearing of a Tree Kangaroo! Thanks for continuing to educate us about unique wildlife.🤗

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