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Conservationists Unite To Protect Wildlife

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Leading conservationists will join together today for an online summit, hosted by ESI Media, to work to inform G20 leaders on the urgent actions needed to stop the exploitation of wildlife that threatens both species extinction and our collective health.

The Wildlife Conservation 20 - or WC20 - will be the first time the conservation sector has convened in such large numbers ahead of a G20 meeting to seek to present, with one voice, a single declaration containing key recommendations for G20 leaders, who will meet just two days later.

This year’s G20 - the world’s premier forum for international economic cooperation - is taking place on 21-22 November in Riyadh.

The WC20 intends to bring together the leaders of 20 prominent wildlife conservation NGOs who are at the forefront of protecting nature, including the world's most iconic and rare wildlife species.

Oliver Poole, Executive Editor of ESI Media, which publishes The Independent, said: “It has never been as important that governments act now to combat the trade in wildlife that is threatening our planet, and that the conservation community speaks with one voice to articulate the steps needed to do so.

“We are delighted to support this as part of our Stop The Illegal Wildlife Trade campaign.”

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