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The Bald Uakari Monkey

The Bald Uakari Monkey The word 'Uakari' is pronounced 'wakari'. These animals exhibit the shortest tails of all American monkeys. Bald Uakaris are able to easily split thick fruit skins with their developed fangs. The bald Uakari is a medium-sized species with a red face.

The natural habitat of this species stretches throughout the Amazonian region of western Brazil, eastern Peru, and southern Colombia, where these animals inhabit exclusively tropical forests.

Bald uakaris are highly social creatures, forming groups of 10 - 30 individuals, although these primates have been observed in larger units of up to 100.

Currently, Bald uakaris primarily suffer from the destruction of their natural habitat. Another big threat is hunting, which generally affects populations in some parts of Peru and Brazil.

No estimate of population size is available for Bald uakaris. Today, this species’ numbers are decreasing, and the animal is classified as Vulnerable (VU) on the IUCN Red List. Now You Know!

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24 de mai. de 2022

I Love this puzzle! I had never heard of The Bald Uakari Monkey before. Keep educating us. Thanks for your insightful Blog post.

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