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Polar Bear Fun Facts!

1. Polar bears can currently be found in five different countries.

The United States, Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Norway can all boast of having a polar bear population.

 2. Polar bears are black.

That’s right, underneath all that fur, their skin is jet black. And their fur has no color at all. It only looks white because it reflects visible light. This allows them to blend into their surroundings and catch unsuspecting seals. It also gives reindeer an edge. They can see in ultraviolet light, which makes polar bears stand out in the snow.

3 They are the largest living carnivores on land.

And they are really big! Adult male polar bears usually weigh more than 800 eight pounds and are over 8 feet long when measured from their nose to their tail!

4. A group of polar bears has a special name.

When Polar bears are spotted in groups, they are called a “pack” or a “sleuth.”

5. They have a high-fat diet.

Polar bears don’t worry about their cholesterol. They eat a lot of fat, and it makes up about half of their body weight. To keep warm in their cold climate, they are covered in a thick layer of blubber, which is often more than 4 inches thick.

6. The polar bear population is on the decline.

Currently, there are about 26,000 polar bears in the wild. They rely on sea ice to hunt, travel, and live. Many studies predict that unless there is action taken on climate change, there will be a sharp drop in this number by 2050.

Join in and support this amazing species!

Working together is key to lessening the impact of climate change on Polar Bears. You can do your part by cutting down on waste, recycling whenever feasible, and opting to walk or use public transportation as much as you can. Let's make a positive difference together! 🌍🐾

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We must do our part to help protect these amazing species!

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